Secure Your Crypto with OKX: New Security Features for Maximum Protection

5. January 2023

• OKX has implemented API key security protection measures to increase user protection.
• These measures include an auto-expiry feature and third-party whitelist.
• Additionally, Fast Connect, a risk engine, and other features have been added for additional security.

OKX, a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency platform, has announced a range of new security features designed to protect its users from external threats. These features focus on application programming interface (API) key security, offering users a suite of tools to ensure their digital assets are protected.

The new security measures include an auto-expiry feature that automatically terminates API keys with trade and withdrawal permissions that have been inactive for 14 days. This feature adds an extra layer of protection against malicious actors who may attempt to gain access to a user’s account. Additionally, OKX has introduced a third-party whitelist that enables users to link their IP addresses to working third-party networks, and guarantees that any transactions from the connected platforms are secure.

OKX has also implemented Fast Connect, a fast API that allows customers to quickly authorize brokers to access, produce, and bind API keys with only a single click. This feature adds extra security to the API key binding process. Finally, OKX also has a “risk engine” which can track and alert users to suspicious transactions, allowing the platform to lock down specific accounts in order to prevent any potential losses.

The Chief Marketing Officer of OKX, Haider Rafique, has described the new security protection features as the most comprehensive in the crypto sector, and expressed hope that the measures will lead to a much higher level of user safety and trust in the platform. With these new features, OKX has taken a significant step forward in ensuring that its users can safely trade and store digital assets on the platform.